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Tens of thousands of Ukrainian refugees could come to the UK, says Michael Gove

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Tens of thousands of Ukrainian refugees could come to the UK under the government’s new scheme, Michael Gove said.

During his appearance at Sophy Ridge on Sunday, Mr Gove spoke about the new Homes for Refugees program which offers £350 a month to Brits who give a room to a Ukrainian refugee escaping war.

The Secretary of State for Leveling Up said the Government’s new sponsorship route is expected to attract tens of thousands of Ukrainian refugees to the UK.

Asked for his estimate of the number of people who could come to the UK through the scheme, he told Sky’s Sophy Ridge on Sunday: “Tens of thousands.”

Children will be educated in UK schools and refugees will be entitled to full NHS health care, he said.

£10,000 per individual refugee will also be given to local authorities, Gove added.

He said: “There will be money available to local authorities…There will be just over £10,000 per person available to local authorities.”

The politician said there are many “generous-hearted” people in the UK who want to help.

He added: “I am exploring what I can do. There will be a lot of people watching what they can do. One in ten say they want to do something to help. It is an important commitment. We have to help people.”

The UK has issued more than 3,000 visas to Ukrainian refugees, Gove said.

The Level Up Secretary gave the update when he unveiled a new Government scheme

The latest figures topped 1,300 visas on Thursday.

Elsewhere in the interview, Gove said that Vladimir Putin is prepared to escalate to the dire options at his disposal and is capable of terrible violence.

The Leveling Up secretary said the Russian president is capable of “devastation on a terrible, terrible scale” as he entered his 18th day.

He added: “Vladimir Putin is prepared to escalate the hair-raising options at his disposal. It is vital to give our support to President Zelensky.

“We know from what Putin has done in other places. Devastation on a terrible, terrible scale. We need to show solidarity with Ukraine.

“We know that Putin is capable of terrible violence. But then again, I am not a military expert. I don’t want viewers of him to think I’m the right person to get into a discussion about chemical wellness.”

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