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Tens of Thousands Demonstrate for Peace in Berlin: DGB Chief Against Rearmament – Ukrainians Call for a No-Fly Zone – Berlin

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Protester at Ukrainian rally: “Putin cannot be stopped with doves of peace”

Daniel from the Wedding district has one NATO flag with demonstration taken to the Pariser Platz. “NATO is the only guarantee that can prevent Putin from attacking the rest of Europe,” says the 33-year-old.

He doesn’t think much about the large-scale demonstration on June 17th Street. Two weeks ago he watched the demo, but couldn’t get used to many of the demands. “There was talk of demilitarization, negotiations, speeches”, he says. “That’s naive. You can’t stop Putin with peace doves.”

He supports the demands of the Ukrainians for a no-fly zone. “Of course I am worried that the war will continue to escalate, but there is no alternative”, he says. “Putin only understands force.”

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