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Temperatures up to 40 degrees: “Heat Protection Plan” and “No Heat” required

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Status: 07/18/2022 09:03

A heat wave is coming to Germany. Due to the expected high temperatures, the ver.di union calls for heat-free and longer breaks. The medical association of the Marburger Bund calls for a “national heat protection plan”.

Germany has so far been spared the sweltering heat that has been spreading across southern Europe for days. With the start of the week, the Federal Republic of Germany has to get used to sweating. According to the German weather service, there could be widespread highs of 30 to 35 degrees on Monday. In the west 37 are possible. In the northeast, on the other hand, it will remain a little cooler at 25 to 30 degrees. On Tuesday, temperatures above 35 degrees will be reached, in the west up to 40 degrees, as announced by the German weather service.

According to the DWD, a cold front will reach Germany on Wednesday, which will cool it down a bit in the west. Maximum temperatures of 29 to 32 degrees are expected there. To the east it remains very hot with maximum values ​​of 34 to 39 degrees. It is not known if rain is expected on Wednesday. So far, weather forecasts have indicated local showers and thunderstorms, but no large-scale precipitation. The very high risk of forest fires remains given the drought.

Millions of people in southern Europe have been suffering for days from heat, drought and devastating forest fires. The highest alert level applies to western France, Britain has declared a heat disaster and countless wildfires are also raging in Spain, Portugal and Greece .

Ver.di calls for no heating for employees

In view of the high temperatures forecast for the next few days in Germany, the ver.di union is calling for longer and heat-free breaks for employees.

Even if there is no legal right to this, arrangements must be made in consultation with the works council as to when lost working hours can be made up if necessary, said the head of the political department of ver.di, Norbert Reuter, the “RedaktionsNetzwerk Deutschland”.

Marburger Bund for heat protection plan

The Marburger Bund Medical Association has called for a national heat protection plan and a heat awareness campaign. “Politicians must significantly increase their efforts for protective measures in heat phases,” President Susanne Johna told “RedaktionsNetzwerk Deutschland”.

Cities and towns need heat protection plans so that institutions for the elderly, hospitals and other healthcare facilities can better prepare for heat waves, “better regulated by a national heat protection plan “. “It is also important to inform the population about how people should behave in the event of a heat wave, for example through an information campaign by the Federal Agency for Civic Education,” said Johna.

Farmer president fears “big crop losses”

Due to the drought and heat in Germany, the president of the German Farmers’ Association, Joachim Rukwied, fears, according to his own statements, “big losses” in the harvest. Rukwied told the ‘Neue Osnabrücker Zeitung’ that drought and heat were “a big problem in some areas” this year.

Time has already left its mark on the grain harvest. Crops such as corn or potatoes, whose harvest is still pending, “would also suffer from high temperatures”, Rukwied said. If it does not rain in the near future, there will be “big losses” here.

Heat and drought: water shortages and dreaded crop losses

Markus Sambale, ARD Berlin, 18.7.2022 06:28


Source www.tagesschau.de

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