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Taylor Hawkins suffered a ‘cardiovascular collapse’ after taking a ‘drug cocktail’

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Foo Fighters drummer Taylor Hawkins’ heart weighed twice that of most men his age.

Forensic experts are said to have found that he weighed “at least 600 grams” during an autopsy following his death on Friday at a luxury hotel north of the Colombian capital, Bogotá.

Researchers have concluded 50-year-old cardiovascular collapse after a drug cocktail binge, the respected Colombian news magazine Semana reported.

He also said that the authorities had confirmed to them that the famous musician had taken an overdose of heroin mixed with antidepressants and benzodiazepines, which are psychoactive drugs known as benzos.

Emergency workers outside the Four Seasons Hotel Casa Medina (AP)

The Colombian Attorney General’s office has already confirmed that an initial autopsy conducted on Saturday revealed traces of 10 different drugs in Hawkins’ urine, including opioids that can range from heroin to fentanyl to morphine.

He also revealed in a statement that marijuana and antidepressants were detected.

The federal government department did not mention cocaine in its post-autopsy statement, although earlier unconfirmed reports noted that a “white cocaine-like powder” was found in Hawkins’ room at the Four Seasons Hotel Casa Medina.

The alarm went off on Friday night when the drummer complained of chest pains before his band’s main performance at the Estereo Picnic Festival in Bogotá.

A fan places candles outside the Hotel Casa Medina (Getty Images)

A fan places candles outside the Hotel Casa Medina (Getty Images)

Efforts to revive him by a private doctor and the city’s emergency services failed and he was pronounced dead at the scene.

Hawkins, a father of three, suffered a heroin overdose in London in 2001 that left him in a coma for about a week.

In an interview last year he admitted: “Everyone has their own path and I took it too far.

“I was partying in London one night, and by mistake I did something and it changed everything.

“I believed in the silly myth of living hard and fast, dying young.

A woman lights candles outside the Casa Medina hotel (REUTERS)

A woman lights candles outside the Casa Medina hotel (REUTERS)

“I’m not here to preach about not doing drugs, because I loved doing drugs, but I got out of control for a while and it almost got me.”

The normal weight of a human heart in adult men is around 300 to 350 grams.

A heavier-than-normal heart weight can be associated with heart disease, including cardiomyopathy, which makes it harder for the organ to pump blood to the rest of the body and can lead to heart failure.

Drug use can cause heart damage, and substance use is a major risk factor for sudden cardiac death.

Soccer legend Diego Maradona’s heart was found to weigh 503 grams after he died aged 60 in November 2020 in a rented house near the Argentine capital Buenos Aires.

At the time, the weight of his heart was described to be almost twice that of a normal heart for a man his age.

An initial autopsy on Maradona’s body revealed that the recovering cocaine addict, who also had an alcohol problem, had suffered heart failure that caused pulmonary edema.

Doctors also detected dilated cardiomyopathy, a medical condition in which the heart muscle weakens and enlarges.

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