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Tantric sex and the power of its energy

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August 2, 2022 at 6:58 p.m.

Tantric sex is a slow, meditative form of sex whose goal is not orgasm., but to enjoy sexual activity and body sensations. It focuses on moving sexual energy through the body to heal, transform and enlighten.

Valeria Collado, therapist It invites us to naturally express our sexuality and the natural intelligence of our body. In addition, he shares all the advice to live this adventure of another dimension full and powerful.

We are conditioned to enter into sexuality expecting a result, hoping to get somewhere. Learning consists in regaining confidence in our body, in relearning how to relax in our body. When we find this place of welcome, of rest in our own body, then our sexuality unfolds and reveals itself.

For this we must understand how our sexual energy flows and understand that it is different in men and women. And that’s not a problem, on the contrary, it’s complementary and simply different.

Sexuality in women is generally slower and that’s not a problem, it’s just a difference. It should be honoured, accepted, respected and celebrated. Male and female sexuality need not be identical.

The way the sexual energy flows in women comes from the heart. And from there to her vagina. It is a soft, feminine and receptive excitement. The way energy flows in man comes from within, from the center, from the genitals to the heart. For the woman, it is very important that her breasts and heart are activated, then her genitals will open naturally.

feminine energy

The sexual energy in women works in a feminine way and is different from that of men since their arousal starts with the emotions and is centered in the heart, so love connects with their arousal. Her energy seeks preliminaries, to protect, to heal since she is like water, she warms up slowly. It needs about 20 to 30 minutes of play to be open and available. His orgasm goes beyond the genitals, it spreads throughout the body. To enter this multiple orgasmic capacity and of the whole body, it is necessary to feel everything, to allow oneself to enter deeply into the sensations.

It is believed that the clitoris is the trigger point for orgasm, and this is not the case for all women, some are more connected, for example, to their belly and from there they access these waves of pleasure. Often the woman needs to be stimulated in other centers before and during the sexual act and this, instead of causing frustration, should be to get to know herself. Explore your territory. In Tantra we open ourselves to the flow of energy circulating throughout the body and this allows you to enter states of great pleasure, joy and ecstasy.

male energy

In the case of men, the excitement is masculine, it begins in the genitals and spreads throughout the body. The human body is generally ruled by the eyes and the brain, intellectual stimulation and fantasy. The excitement is more localized in the genitals and occurs in a very short time. We therefore relate it to the fire element. For example, a stimulus that comes from the visual can trigger a thought that sends signals to your genitals and your body is immediately activated. If the right stimulus is produced, he can ejaculate in three minutes.

However, in tantra we include more than this purely biological level, tantra takes the sex man into meditation. It invites you to connect with soul and spirit.

When union occurs from the heart, you enter the doorway to infinite orgasm. For this you must learn to let the energy flow. It is therefore super important to enjoy the pleasure of oneself, to learn how to do it. Discovering your body, looking in the mirror, turning it around and seeing it sacred. Touch it, explore it and discover that it gives you pleasure. This is done without goals, without the need to reach orgasm.

The orgasm and its different facets

For most people, orgasm is related to a release of tension, that is, the body tensing up and releasing or relaxing something. This is called a peak orgasm and it is a sensation that lasts a few minutes and is accompanied by a release and usually followed by a refractory period and a need to withdraw. For many, this is the only type of orgasm they experience, and some have never even experienced this orgasm. This is a very intense stimulation of the genitals.

Our body is a temple and we can inhabit it and create orgasms that can be meditation, that can last for minutes, hours and days. Orgasms that don’t always have to come from a genital experience. They can come, for example, from activating ourselves energetically, watching a sunset perhaps.

And in this way, we can get rid of this mind that wants to go somewhere, to download, to be the best lover, because all these statements stem from fears, comparisons, unattainable and very demanding standards with ourselves.

Tantra invites you to go into the unknown, to surrender, to be deep so that your orgasms are deep, so that life is orgasmic. And those orgasms can change your life.

Where do they start?

Here in your ability to feel, aimlessly, what is available to you today. Thus awakens an orgasmic experience that has nothing to do with genital release or tension, it is an experience where the whole body becomes orgasmic, where waves of pleasure flood you and where your ability to ecstasy.

And if you are reading me, maybe lying, lying, or sitting, sitting, take a few minutes to get in, to breathe deeply, to feel the weight of your body and the touch where you are supported or supported and connected with what is truly , be alive and alive in your body. And I felt the air touching your skin, I felt the pleasure of moving your body a little, I felt how much pleasure there is in the touch, in the sensations, in the air you take in and that expands your whole body. This is what you need to understand what an orgasm is since it was a small orgasm.

It doesn’t have to be intense, maybe it’s the beginning of learning to surrender to pleasure, to practice the little things, to be in presence with yourself, with yourself , this is the key, not to escape in the spirit, in the imagination or liberation. The key is to be the experience, which does not come from outside, there, in your body, the magic happens. Consciousness awakens when you inhabit yourself completely, completely.

And in this way we enter into an infinite space since orgasm is the ability to be connected with everything in life, it is the deep feeling of being connected. With nature, with all living beings, with life itself and with the unknown. Feel the emotions flowing through you, expressing themselves, it’s life, it’s being alive, being alive.

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