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Tagesspiegel starts a fundraiser for Ukraine war victims

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It’s a time when the older ones among us thought we’d never see anything like this in Europe again. Many older adults remember World War II from reports of Russian attacks on Ukraine. After the corona pandemic, the youngest Berliners find themselves in the next world crisis, which also scares many personally. But very few of us can imagine what people in Ukraine are going through right now.

This war is closer to us than the one in Syria. In recent weeks, the number of refugees has been several times higher than then, and many European countries have a welcoming culture that was not experienced in 2015/16. But help is badly needed, will continue to be so for a long time, and demands it. But at least we can help.

The Tagesspiegel donation association now has its big Tagesspiegel Fundraiser “People Help!” started together with our proven partner, the “Bündnis Entwicklung Hilft”, for the victims of the war in Ukraine. We kindly ask you, dear readers, to make a donation to our account for the purpose “Help people!/Ukraine”. And the first donations are already arriving.

The money is intended to benefit those affected in Ukraine, neighboring countries and also in Germany. It primarily addresses the alliance’s nine largest and smallest aid organizations, ecclesiastical and secular, which are often networked at the local level and can therefore help effectively, always adapted to changing needs. . The donation association Tagesspiegel will also donate part of the donation amount directly to local refugee aid projects in Berlin and Brandenburg.

Donations for aid to Ukraine – this is how it works:

  • the Tagesspiegel Donation Association ask for money, we charge for ours Main cooperation partner “Alliance Development Helps” for the victims of the war in Ukraine, in the affected neighboring countries and in Germany, especially Berlin-Brandenburg.
  • The donation association reserves the right – this has been clarified with the mutually agreed alliance – to proactively allocate a certain part of the total sum for acute emergency aid to other organizations in Berlin and Brandenburg.
  • Donation Account: Recipient: Fundraiser Der Tagesspiegel eV, Purpose: “Helping people!/Ukraine”Berliner Sparkasse BIC: BELADEBE, IBAN: DE43100500000250030942
  • Write your name and address for the donation receipt (online banking possible). The transfer receipt is sufficient for the tax for amounts up to 300 euros.

The “Development Aid Alliance” was founded after the tsunami disaster in December 2004, and sees itself as a cross-section of society. Includes the traditional partner for foreign aid in “Menschen helfen!”, the german welthungerhilfechildren’s charity “terre des hommes” and the Kindernothilfethe aid organization of the regional evangelical churches and free churches in Germany bread for the worldthe Christoffel Mission for the Blind with your help for people with disabilities, episcopal relief organization penny pincherthe German aid against leprosy and tuberculosis.

[Alle aktuellen Nachrichten zum russischen Angriff auf die Ukraine bekommen Sie mit der Tagesspiegel-App live auf ihr Handy. Hier für Apple- und Android-Geräte herunterladen.]

This also includes: international medicine and the religiously and ideologically independent organization for equal opportunities for boys and girls International plan. Associate members are german doctors and Oxfam. The variety allows strengths to be grouped and creates synergies.

Many of the organizations are locally networked, work together with experienced partners or can develop long-term cooperation. For example, Bread for the World organizes deliveries of non-perishable food and hygiene items in the border area with Ukraine through its sister organization Diakonie Katastrophenhilfe and “Hungarian Interchurch Aid”. And Kindernothilfe Germany is gearing up to provide care for families on the run in neighboring Moldova.

Three areas: Ukraine, neighboring countries, Germany

To make sure that not all donations go to a single sponsor whose offers of help are likely to be bombarded, the Tagesspiegel donation association and alliance are proceeding in three stages. We ourselves want to help the victims of the war in Ukraine, and also support Ukraine’s neighboring countries, helpers and refugees, who are in great demand. And we want to provide help to organizations and refugees who have come to Germany.

[Jeden Morgen ab 6 Uhr: Die aktuellsten Entwicklungen aus der Ukraine und Berlin in unserem Tagesspiegel-Newsletter Checkpoint. Jetzt hier kostenlos abonnieren.]

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Therefore, the “Bündnis Entwicklung Hilft” will extend its support to unaccompanied refugee minors through “terre des hommes” in cooperation with the Berlin sponsor Xenion eV and its guardianship network Akinda. The growing number of traumatized refugee youth without parents must be treated psychotherapeutically and socially pedagogically. And because the situation in a war in central Europe is completely new, the Tagesspiegel donation association will also adapt its commitment to special needs this time. As usual, we will finance the material resources, but this time we will also be happy to bear the personnel costs for urgently needed specialists, such as therapists, the need is immense.

Emergency relief donations for local organizations in Berlin and Brandenburg

And we will structure something else differently than in previous donation rounds. As a publisher and editor, we want to be able to provide a great deal of help to readers in the coming months, which are likely to be very challenging, where the need in Berlin and Brandenburg will be greatest. For example, thanks to a proactive emergency relief donation of part of the donation money to a local charity or non-profit organization or to local umbrella organizations in the field of refugee aid in Berlin and Brandenburg.

It was important to everyone in the agreement on aid to Ukraine that the aid would benefit all victims of the war, regardless of their nationality; The Russians are also fleeing traumatized, wounded and desperate.

The partners: “Alliance Development Helps” and the donation association Tagesspiegel

With the campaign to help the victims of the Ukrainian war, the Tagesspiegel builds on many rounds of successful donations. Our regular readers know: we haven’t just started the traditional Christmas fundraising campaign for 30 years. Even if there is a disaster like after the tsunami in 2004, after an earthquake like in Haiti in 2010 or after typhoon Haiyan in 2013, Tagesspiegel organizes a fundraiser together with an experienced partner in development cooperation.

The Tagesspiegel donation association has been working behind the scenes since the beginning of the war to organize its own large-scale aid campaign. The current call was preceded by much discussion and research by the four core members of the digital giving and conference association. For an action to be effective and sustainable in such a dynamically changing world situation, it needs a good clarification.

With “Alliance Development Helps”, the Der Tagesspiegel eV donation campaign has gained a tried and tested partner from previous campaigns for the new appeal. “We are pleased to be able to build on the very good cooperation after the earthquake in Haiti and Typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines,” says Peter Mucke, CEO of the alliance.

“The need for help in Ukraine, for the refugees in the neighboring countries and also for the people who are now seeking protection in Germany is enormous. Unfortunately, we have to assume that this will remain a big challenge for several years. We are very happy that Tagesspiegel with its readers and users be on our side again with this campaign,” says Mucke. We will report regularly on the progress of the aid and the use of the funds.

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