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Top 5 most frequently asked questions about wellbeing and health, answered by an expert

medical club answers people's most frequently asked questions and other concerns about their well-being and health. María Lourdes Linzan, Bachelor in Human...

According to a study, time spent playing video games has no impact on well-being

The time spent playing a video game has practically no effect on the child's well-being player or player, According to a new study...

Fit at any age: 5 simple tips for more well-being from the age of 50

women over 50 These tips will help you stay fit at any age ...

Farewell to the consumer who comes “Yosumidor”.

The pandemic has turned consumption upside down, as has the self-image of individuals. If the 20th century can be considered the century...

‘Travel Therapy’: Can Vacations Help Mental Health and Wellbeing?

MADRID, June 26 (EUROPA PRESS) - You've always heard of music...

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