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The widow of the Madrid Metro asbestos victim who started the case: “There was money but no justice”

It was his complaint that got people talking about asbestos on the Madrid Metro. Julián Martín, Eugenia Martín's husband, had already started...

Chris Rock and Will Smith, the victim and the complainant

Interesting fact: Will Smith's apology to Chris Rock for slapping him at the Oscars. For the slap Smith gave Rock, clarification needs...

Chris Rock on Will Smith’s apology: ‘Everyone’s trying to be a victim’

At this year's Oscars gala, held March 28 in Los Angeles, actor Will Smith punched comedian Chris Rock, who hosted the gala and...

Chris Rock: “I’m not a victim”! He comments on the Oscars slap

Chris Rock After a long silence, he comments again on Smith's slap ...

Videos | Ricky Martin: “I was the victim of a lie”

"Today I have to heal because I'm very, very, very hurt." Ricky Martin is launching a domestic violence complaint after withdrawing the restraining...

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