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Lexus, the official car of the Venice Film Festival, celebrates “the visionary spirit and innovation” of cinema

MADRID, September 12 (EUROPA PRESS) LexusVenice International Film Festival official car, celebrated sharing again...

Venice in artistic mode: a guide to navigating the Biennale

Year after year since 1895, the Venice Art Biennale has brought together the international scene of contemporary art around the canals of the...

Rocío Molina drives into Venice with her measurement van

There is no Biennale without controversy; a manifestation that, like it or not, skips protocols and regulations. It is a dialectic...

Juan Diego Botto’s directorial debut is screened at the Venice Film Festival

For his 90th birthday, the Venice Film Festival gave away two of the most anticipated films of the season. Bardo, false chronicle of...

Saburo Teshigawara tries to breathe life into his “Petrouchka” at the Venice Dance Biennale

The scenic concepts change quickly; Dance is infused with genre-defying interdisciplinary influences, shows mutate into mixed languages ​​in themselves, often cryptic and...

Isabel Coixet will be the President of the Jury for the Horizons section of the 2022 Venice Film Festival

MADRID, July 20 (EUROPA PRESS) - The Spanish filmmaker Isabel...

Venice: hotels distribute water pistols against pigeons

The hotels in Venice deliver the toys to their guests. To deter pigeons. However, squirt guns could also solve one or...

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