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New York
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Washington D.C.
Saturday, February 4, 2023
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Armenia accuses Azerbaijani troops of attacking Russian border guard vehicles

MADRID, 14 September (EUROPA PRESS) - The Armenian Defense Ministry on...

According to ALD Automotive, the lack of “km 0” vehicles is triggering the sale of rental cars

MADRID, August 18 (EUROPA PRESS) - The scarcity of vehicles from 'kilometer...

Leasing companies invested more than 3,200 million in new vehicles through July, down 8%

MADRID, 2 August (EUROPA PRESS) - Companies in the leasing sector...

Spain rules out sending its “Leopards” to Ukraine, but is considering donating armored transport vehicles

The defense will also send the Ukrainian fighters warm clothes from the army to withstand the low temperatures ...

Stellantis increases its profits by 37%, helped by the sale of more profitable vehicles

The Stellantis Group, manufacturer of car brands such as Peugeot, Fiat or Jeep, recorded a net profit of 7,960 million euros from January...

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