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Nobel laureate Muhammad Yunus calls for the creation of a new society governed by human values ​​and not by “maximizing” profit

The economist believes that it is the current system that creates poverty, so it must be changed to end it ...

August begins with 34 heat-prone provinces, including Córdoba, Jaén and Seville, with values ​​close to 40º

MADRID/SEVILLE, August 1 (EUROPA PRESS) - A total of 34 provinces...

Arrimadas does not rule out that the re-founding of Cs will happen by itself: “Everything is in question except liberal values”

It promises a "much more communalist" profile to be able to "run" communities without getting the most votes and make "much better" use...

opinion | a rat

Because I'm going to start writing cultural commentaries for the press and because in my Divuit Anyes the creative scene on Mallorca always...

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