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Twitter shareholders approve Elon Musk’s $44 billion buyout deal

WASHINGTON, Sept. 14 (EUROPA PRESS) - Twitter shareholders on Tuesday almost...

This is how Twitter notifies you when an inserted “tweet” has been changed

MADRID, Aug 3 (Portaltic/EP) - The ability to edit a post...

Mavie Hörbiger has to delete Twitter account because of nipple gate

Mavie Hoerbiger She has to delete a Twitter account because of the nipple gate ...

Twitter warns of the surge in requests for its users’ data from governments

MADRID, Aug 1 (Portaltic/EP) - Twitter has announced that it has seen a record...

Twitter is testing a modality that will allow following accounts and reading publications without prior registration

MADRID, Aug 1 (Portaltic/EP) - Twitter has started testing "Try Twitter"an initiative that allows...

Confirmed the fine of 720 euros for the man who encouraged on Twitter to kill Felipe VI

Rejects the defendant's appeal and recalls that a call to kill the king is not protected by freedom of expression ...

Twitter is testing a feature that will allow you to add statuses to posts

MADRID, July 28 (Portaltic/EP) - Twitter has started testing a new...

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