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80% of Spaniards recognize the environmental impact of transport, but two-thirds don’t want to leave the car

MADRID, 22 September (EUROPA PRESS) - 80 percent of citizens recognize...

Madrid again calls for taking “another step” to end the use of masks on public transport

MADRID, 20 September (EUROPA PRESS) - The Minister of Health of the Autonomous Community of Madrid, Enrique Ruiz Escudero, has again called on the...

Spain rules out sending its “Leopards” to Ukraine, but is considering donating armored transport vehicles

The defense will also send the Ukrainian fighters warm clothes from the army to withstand the low temperatures ...

The government passes a law to prevent transport companies from operating at a loss

Gives the green light to new €450 million in aid to the sector ...

Puig announces an additional 30% discount on public transport from September until the end of the year

It is added to the 50% reduction in applicable fares and includes the city bus ...

The government will ask offices, businesses and transport companies to control the temperature

MADRID, July 29 (EUROPA PRESS) - The government will ask companies,...

Sánchez and the Polish Prime Minister will sign defense and transport agreements today during the official visit to Warsaw

Albares, Robles, Escrivá and Raquel Sánchez also participate MADRID, July 27...

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