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Debt funds shrug off losses in July and gain up to 5%

July's performance in fixed income has vindicated those who thought it was time to take positions after the sudden falls seen so far....

Rate hike winners and losers

Few bet on a rate hike of this depth, double the announced rate. The decision by the European Central Bank (ECB) to...

The new bank tax costs 5,300 million on the stock exchange

Sánchez surprised the markets and banks. The Prime Minister's announcement of a temporary tax on financial companies to curb the impact of...

Arnaud Ribault (Citroën): “The dealers of the brand are not angry with the contract change”

The group Stellantis, the largest automaker in Spain, with plants in Vigo, Zaragoza and Madrid, is in the midst of transforming its distribution...

Telefónica increases its logistics footprint by 30% with the pull of e-commerce and new businesses

Telefónica Servicios Integrales de Distribución, the division responsible for Telefónica's logistics business, recorded a year of strong growth in 2021, supported by new...

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