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Astana lifts the suspension of “Supermán” López

MADRID, August 1 (EUROPA PRESS) - The Astana-Kazaqstan team has lifted...

Laura Borràs suspension opens debate over Junts future

The melodrama of Laura Borràs' suspension as MP, and thus as President of the Catalan Parliament, was the cotton test for the existence...

Moscow announces suspension of gas supplies to Latvia

The Russian giant Gazprom announced on Saturday that it would suspend gas supplies to Latvia "for violating delivery terms". The statement does...

Feminists call suspension of sentences for Estepona police ‘serious’: ‘Rape is free’

MADRID, July 29 (EUROPA PRESS) - The Federation of Progressive Women...

Borràs asks the Catalan Parliamentary Executive to act “as democratic MPs” in the face of his potential suspension

He insists he is "a victim of lawfare, of political persecution." BARCELONA,...

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