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In view of the uncertainty caused by the war, there is “no immediate danger” of a supply shortage, says Planas

He reiterates that despite regular meetings, he is not planning any meetings with major distributors in the coming days ...

Ice is in short supply: factories cannot keep up due to strong demand and high costs. “Customers ask us three times as often...

With summer temperatures soaring, a frozen drink is becoming one of the most coveted treats. But since a few days, the cold...

Airlines reduce German domestic supply

BERLIN - The Corona crisis has left lasting marks on German air traffic. In Germany in particular, there were still far fewer...

Hugo Morán on the water situation: “It’s the worst in the last 15 years, but the supply is guaranteed”

MADRID, July 31 (EUROPA PRESS) - The Secretary of State for...

Ribera: “We must prepare for a scenario of zero gas supply” by Russia

He reiterated that the savings in gas consumption that Spain expects will not affect the quality of life and awaits the REE report...

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