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The cop who found the graffiti artist painting his love through the streets of El Puerto

The graffiti, the explanation that the author herself made in texts and videos – accompanied by inscribed messages Êttandâ pal andalûh, an unofficial...

Luis del Olmo: “I took to the streets and people looked at me like an idol”

Luis del Olmo is 85 years old and looks there at the heights of his head more than 190 centimeters communicator, a coat...

Zamora takes to the streets to protest the management of the fires: “More firefighters, fewer consultants!”

The handling of the fires that have burned 60,000 hectares in Zamora by the Junta de Castilla y León has outraged a large...

An epidemic of road violence rages on the streets of New York with record numbers of accidents

Promises of reviving so many urban ills that the pandemic fostered in its day have not lasted long in New York when it...

Streets with infinite life

The roads are the skeleton of Spain. They handle about 90% of passenger traffic and ensure that mail, groceries, ambulances or school...

No hair: how men’s intimate shaving became a trend on the streets and a dictatorship in the internet

The first time Miguel found a boy's shaved pubis was when he was looking at pornography. After discovering it, curiosity got the...

PP throws irony about the changes that Sánchez is preparing, because “he is the problem” who cannot take to the streets

They stress that "even the CIS" confirms the change of cycle that Feijóo suspects against Sánchez suffering from "wear and tear" and "decomposition". ...

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