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ONCE’s guide dogs grant the wish of Alba, a girl with cancer, who wanted to spend time with them

MADRID, September 22 (EUROPA PRESS - The ONCE guide dogs have...

Spend responsibly

The approval of the spending ceiling last Tuesday by the Council of Ministers is the first step in the timely preparation of the...

Vegetable salad with roasted pineapple

In summer, fruit salads impress because they are juicy and refreshing. If you're a pineapple fan, you'll love this salad that combines...

Bonito marinated with pasta and vegetables

We sniffed out this delightful recipe gastronomic writer Inés Butrón, and consists of slices of bonito - delicious seasonal fish - marinated in...

A coffee before shopping? You will spend more

MADRID, July 23 (EUROPA PRESS) - Researchers from the University of...

Key Lime Pistachio Tart: a no-oven recipe

Today's no-bake dessert can be justified in many ways: "it's perfect for summer because it doesn't need heat", "I made it because electricity...

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