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Friday, February 3, 2023
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The poor employment data for July fueled fears of an economic slowdown

The day that the Active Population Survey (EPA) data for the second quarter was presented was a holiday for everyone. Spain had...

The big five tech companies are easily weathering the US consumption slowdown

Second-quarter results from major tech companies have come in better than expected, with nuances. Big techs weathered the pandemic without losing their...

The Spanish Chamber foresees a slowdown in job creation in the coming quarters

MADRID, July 28 (EUROPA PRESS) - The Spanish Chamber of Commerce...

Investments in startups are being halted due to the risk of an economic slowdown

The startup investment market has changed around the world. It put an end to the million-dollar rain that propelled the sector to...

The economic slowdown is removing the bank from the top positions in Capricorn

Investors are torn between celebrating expectations of earnings improvement in the heat of monetary normalization and fiscal changes planned for the sector. ...

The IEA forecasts a slowdown in the growth in demand for electricity due to the economic slowdown and high prices

MADRID, July 20 (EUROPA PRESS) - Global electricity demand growth will...

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