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“Immortal Beethoven”, “Handel’s Messiah” or “West Side Story”, main attractions for 22/23 in the Auditorio Nacional

MADRID, August 4 (EUROPA PRESS) - National Auditorium introduced the New concert cycles for...

The quinquis and macarras, on the other side of the myth

In winter they made campfires and sang around them. Rafael and Raimundo Amador were some kids who played guitar in the outskirts...

Sánchez: “Spain is and will remain on Serbia’s side in the Kosovo dispute”

Almost a quarter of a century later, Pedro Sánchez has returned this Friday to the Balkans, a region he knew firsthand in the...

The other side of the technological age: the unstoppable export of e-waste

Smartphones and Smart TVs, cameras, computers and a long list make up the technological artefacts that we have all at some point bought,...

Javier Tebas: ‘Barça did what they should do if they wanted to have a strong side’

LaLiga president appreciates the 'levers': 'He sold tens of millions of euros' 'I would love to see Cristiano Ronaldo in LaLiga' ...

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