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Cesc signs for Como from Italy’s Serie B

MADRID, August 1 (EUROPA PRESS) - Spanish midfielder Cesc Fábregas will...

Zehn großartige Filme für Kinogänger auf HBO, der Ecke der Serie

"Es ist kein Fernsehen, es ist HBO." Der berühmte Slogan der amerikanischen Plattform, auf halbem Weg zwischen Glaubwürdigkeit und Arroganz, war der...

Bridgerton season 2 review: If it’s corset, then this

It is a well-established truth that a bachelor in possession of a good fortune needs nothing more than to desire a wife. ...

The “WeCrashed” series on Apple+ talks about the fall of WeWork.

If Adam Neumann had borrowed $100,000 from a bank to carry out his idea of ​​folding stilettos, no one would know who he...

The Danish miniseries “Blinded – Shadows of the Past”

The perpetrator is a brutal sadist with the typical characteristics of a serial killer: the perfectly normal neighbor next door, a discreet average...

“Funeral for a Dog” on Sky: The Tender Rubble of Dreams

Count to three, that's what it all comes down to. Three: the number of legs on a dog owned by a corrupt...

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