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The PP also demands that Planas explain to the Senate the government’s measures against the drought in the countryside

The "population" this Thursday demanded that Vice President Ribera appear in Congress to report on water resources...

The PP calls on politicians in the Suárez government to give their opinion in the Senate on the new memory law

MADRID, August 11 (EUROPA PRESS) - The PP requested the appearance...

The US Senate gives Sweden and Finland the green light to join NATO

MADRID, August 4 (EUROPA PRESS) - The United States Senate this...

The US Senate approves a multi-million dollar industrial policy bill to reduce dependence on China

A rare, if not unprecedented, bipartisan consensus has pushed forward ambitious legislation to boost and downsize US industry strategic dependence on China. The...

The government stumbles on a dilemma between the PP and the Independentistas in the Senate

There is nothing permanent in the life of this administration, which had left Congress with a majority the week before and a few...

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