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Former PSOE press secretary Maritcha Ruiz Mateos, new president of the Zarzuela Hippodrome on SEPI’s proposal

The State Company for Industrial Holdings (SEPI) this Thursday proposed the appointment of Maritcha Ruiz Mateos, until a few days ago the PSOE...

Trump’s defense secretary denies having received orders to send 10,000 troops to the Capitol

MADRID, July 27 (EUROPA PRESS) - Chris Miller, former Secretary of...

The TV confrontation between Sunak and Truss remains on the table, cementing the Secretary of State as a favorite

The first televised debate between the two contenders for the British Conservative title has attested that the most thorny test of Boris Johnson's...

Santiago (PCE) reiterates that his dismissal as Secretary of State for the 2030 Agenda was “not expected”.

MADRID, July 23 (EUROPA PRESS) - The General Secretary of the...

Belarra dismisses Enrique Santiago as Secretary of State and appoints Lilith Verstrynge in his place

The minister informed him that she wanted to restructure her team and did not have the right to do so, according to information...

Belarra dismisses Enrique Santiago as Secretary of State for the 2030 Agenda and appoints Lilith Verstrynge

For their part, sources close to the Secretary General of the Communist Party, who was re-elected at the head of the formation at...

Sánchez proposes María Jesús Montero as the new Deputy Secretary General and number two of the PSOE

María Jesús Montero will be the new deputy general secretary and number two of the PSOE from this Saturday, combining this role with...

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