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The government will begin the process of choosing the future seat of the Spanish AI agency this Tuesday

MADRID, 12 September (EUROPA PRESS) - The government will begin...

Duchess Camilla: With this outfit, she literally took a back seat

Duchess Camille With this outfit, she literally blends into the background ...

Seat returns to losses after providing 244 million for the 1,330 victims by 2026

Seat closed the first half of the year with an operating loss of 97 million euros and was the only brand in the...

TC prosecutors advocate protecting Alberto Rodríguez for removal of the seat but not for conviction

He ruled out that the verdict imposed by the TS violated the fundamental rights of the MP at the time ...

18 euros per month for a Hot Seat, the new BMW service

A monthly subscription 18 euros for heated seats. This is the new service that the premium car brand BMW has been offering...

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