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“Science Gifts”, Prismas de Disclosure Award

VALENCIA, September 26 (EUROPA PRESS) - The Dones de ciència...

Queen Letizia affirms the transformative role of science and calls for increased efforts to reach everyone

MADRID, 21 September (EUROPA PRESS) - Queen Letizia confirmed this Wednesday...

More Science and Less Inequality: The International AIDS Conference ends with a cry for help

The 24th Edition of the International AIDS Conference (AIDS2022) closed this Tuesday in Montreal (Canada) with optimistic messages about the global fight against...

Google’s artificial intelligence predicts the structure of all known proteins, opening up a new universe to science

A Google artificial intelligence has predicted the structure of almost every known protein; around 200 million molecules that are essential for understanding...

Morant accuses the PP of “instrumentalizing scientists with fraud” to approve his amendment to the Science Act

MADRID, 21 (EUROPE PRESS) Science and Innovation Minister Diana Morant has accused the PP of “misrepresenting and using deception as a tool” for research...

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