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The community criticizes Sánchez’s “direct attack” on dealers: “No positive results to be seen”

MADRID, August 16 (EUROPA PRESS) - The Minister of Economy and Finance of the Autonomous Community of Madrid, Javier Fernández-Lasquetty, has again this Tuesday...

The PP accuses Sánchez’s cabinet of seeking a conflict between ‘Génova’ and Ayuso: “There are no disagreements”

Rollán supports Madrid's call but respects the autonomies who do not want to present it: "We are not here to mandate or to...

Ayuso and López Miras question Sánchez’s energy saving plan, but Juanma Moreno assumes compliance

Ayuso threatens to bring the Sanchez government decree before the TC and 'Génova' fails to take far-reaching action and no consensus has been...

The PP criticizes Sanchez’s energy saving plan and “understands Ayuso’s desperation”.

The head of the national PP considers this "a provocation for the families who are doing so poorly". ...

Feijóo focuses his assessment of the political course on the fact that Sánchez’s “shared misrule” is an obstacle for Spain

The balance of opposition leader Alberto Núñez Feijóo's political course this Thursday was quite predictable because he has been repeating it for weeks...

‘Génova’ denounces Sánchez’s “contempt” for the presidents of the PP for quoting Moreno, Mañueco and Rueda “all at once”.

He criticizes that he accumulates them almost in early August while half the country is on vacation: "It's like going to the doctor" ...

Pedro Sánchez’s partners are calling for more progressive policies rather than facing changes

The PSOE's partners in the governing coalition and their parliamentary allies have greeted with great reluctance and anticipation the profound transformation that President...

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