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Magdalena Andersson resigns as Swedish Prime Minister after admitting defeat in elections

MADRID, 14 (EUROPE PRESS) Sweden's Prime Minister Magdalena Andersson has accepted her defeat by the right-wing bloc in last Sunday's general election and announced...

The president of Vox in Granada resigns after the judiciary annulled the primaries that promoted him

Manuel Martín, the president of Vox in Granada and best known as the owner of the house where Macarena Olona registered to take...

Constitutional judge Alfredo Montoya resigns for health reasons

Judge of the Constitutional Court Alfredo Montoya, 85, on Wednesday submitted his resignation on health grounds to the institution's president, Pedro González-Trevijano. ...

Constitutional judge Alfredo Montoya resigns for health reasons

MADRID, July 27 (EUROPA PRESS) - The judge of the Constitutional...

Draghi resigns, Europe is weakening

Mario Draghi has defended on various occasions that the democratic legitimacy maintained by a technocratic government like his should have the virtually unified...

Italian stock market tumbles more than 2% after Draghi resigns

The development of the political crisis in Italy keeps investors on their toes. Prime Minister Mario Draghi has handed in his resignation...

Ceuta vice president resigns from Minors after being charged with delegate for expelling Moroccan children

CEUTA, July 20 (EUROPE PRESS) - The First Vice-President and Advisor...

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