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The government is launching a pilot project to bring 600 tons of Renfe corn from Ukraine to Spain

He will cover 2,400 kilometers with the most environmentally friendly means of transport ...

Renfe is reducing AVE tickets to Extremadura by 50% until the Alvia “anomaly” is fixed

MERIDA, July 22. (EUROPA PRESS) - Renfe has identified an...

Renfe is increasing its offer to up to 600,000 places to travel on this bridge

MADRID, July 22 (EUROPA PRESS) - Renfe will offer more than...

Adif and Renfe open high-speed races in Burgos and try to stop the chaos in Extremadura

Reopening of an important section of the high-speed rail network and inaugural ride with King Felipe and the President of the Government Pedro...

In a pilot project, Renfe will allow large dogs to travel on the AVE

Traveling with a German shepherd or greyhound by train – the most environmentally friendly means of long-distance transport – has so far been...

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