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Barcelona is giving Airbnb 15 days to remove 4,100 unlicensed room ads

The Barcelona City Council on Friday sent a request to the Airbnb platform to take down 4,102 tourist room ads in 15 days...

YouTube will remove from its platform all videos that falsely inform about abortion

MADRID, July 22 (EUROPA PRESS) - The video platform YouTube announced...

They use laser technology to remove the graffiti on the Pantheon in Rome, which read: “Aliens exist”

The graffiti that appeared on one of the walls of the Pantheon in Rome last Sunday has been erased. The Florentine company...

The disabled worker is entitled to compensation if the employer does not remove the architectural barriers

The judiciary has equality in the exercise of the labor rights of people with disabilities thanks to the Judgment of a Social Court...

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