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Vox takes Montero’s words about sexual relations with minors to Congress plenary session, urging her to resign

MADRID, 25 September (EUROPA PRESS) - Vox plans to use the...

Putin calls for the expansion of bilateral relations with North Korea

MADRID, August 15 (EUROPA PRESS) - Russian President Vladimir Putin has...

The King of Morocco agrees to “find a way out” in his relations with Algeria.

MADRID, July 31 (EUROPA PRESS) - The King of Morocco, Mohamed...

Algeria refuses banking and denies having resumed trade relations with Spain

MADRID, July 31 (EUROPA PRESS) - Algeria has disavowed the Professional...

Algeria releases banking relations with Spain

50 days after Algiers suspended the Friendship and Cooperation Treaty due to the executive branch's change in policy regarding the Sahara, trade relations...

Omar Naji, the activist who exposed the Melilla tragedy: “Morocco will continue to use emigration in its relations with Spain”

Activists from the main NGO in Morocco, the Moroccan Association for Human Rights (AMDH), in Nador are the only ones who have denounced...

PSOE officials hope Sánchez’s changes will serve to brush up on relations with partners

They warn that the agreements will become increasingly difficult with the upcoming elections ...

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