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The Taliban regime declared Monday the first anniversary of the seizure of power as a national holiday

MADRID, August 14 (EUROPA PRESS) - The Afghan Taliban government's Ministry...

After one year of the new Taliban regime, UN experts predict an “immensely bleak” future for Afghanistan

They declare themselves "deceived" by the false promises of fundamentalists responsible for "a multitude of human rights abuses." ...

Ecologists in Action says the EU’s mercury reduction regime is ‘insufficient’.

MADRID, August 4 (EUROPA PRESS) - Ecologists in Action has called...

A new official secret regime?

The adoption by the Council of Ministers of a draft law on classified information is good news for those of us who have...

The government rules out a massive disclosure of the secrets accumulated since the end of the Franco regime

The government rules out a massive declassification of the secret documents accumulated since the passage of the current law (1968, in the midst...

Romero de Torres: neither as folkloric as the Franco regime propagated, nor an almanac painter

The inscrutable gaze of the women portrayed by the painter Julio Romero de Torres (Córdoba 1874 – 1930) for more than three decades,...

These are the innovations of the new self-employed scheme that the government is approving today

The Council of Ministers will today approve the new contribution system for the self-employed, which will pay contributions based on real income and...

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