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Transparency blames the government for failing to justify its refusal to provide the requested information

More than 40% of complaints are presented before the "silence" of the administration, which is sometimes not even explained when asking for allegations ...

The government urges Feijóo to bring “order” to the PP in light of Ayuso’s refusal to save energy

Pilar Llop says the president's stance is unpresentable and Raquel Sánchez says Madrid should not be the "Gallic village" allied with Putin MADRID, August...

‘Not my problem’: Refusal to change seats on a plane for a mother to sit with her daughter and it goes viral

A passenger on a plane flight has shared his experience through social media after a woman asked him to change seats so he...

Twitter calls Elon Musk’s refusal to buy it ‘invalid and unfair’

After the memes, the jokes, and the change of mind, it's time for the lawyers. The future of the soap opera of...

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