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The United States reiterates that the Russian referendum in eastern Ukraine is “a sham”.

Amnesty International called the referendum a "trick" by the Kremlin MADRID,...

Kansas votes in referendum to defend abortion rights

MADRID, August 3 (EUROPA PRESS) - A large majority of Kansas...

Aragonès challenges Sánchez with referendum: “If he is so convinced that dialogue will neutralize independence, let him set up the ballot boxes”

The President of Catalonia, Pere Aragonès, wanted to dismiss the political course this Tuesday by marking independence muscles and has launched a challenge...

Doubts are growing about the constitutional referendum in Tunisia, which is strengthening President Said

Tunisia's President Kais Said got away with it. It already has a constitution tailored to its needs, with an all-powerful executive branch...

The constitutional referendum in Tunisia is carried out with 94.60% of the votes and one abstention

MADRID, July 27 (EUROPA PRESS) - With 94.60 percent of the...

Initial estimates assume that over 92 percent approve the Tunisian constitutional referendum

MADRID, July 25 (EUROPA PRESS) - The first estimates of votes...

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