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The Netherlands officially recognizes water scarcity, although they currently do not apply any restrictions

MADRID, August 3 (EUROPA PRESS) - The Dutch government this Wednesday...

Russia’s Supreme Court recognizes Ukraine’s Azov Battalion as a terrorist organization

MADRID, 2 August (EUROPA PRESS) - Russia's Supreme Court this Tuesday...

The Pope recognizes the indigenous people who wanted to go to Canada “as pilgrims” despite their “limited physical capabilities”.

He insists that "the search for truth continues and progress is made in furthering avenues of healing...

A judge recognizes the asbestos death of a Barcelona metro worker for the first time

Barcelona's Social Court No. 8 has, for the first time, ruled that the death of a former Barcelona metro worker, who died of...

The government approves the social seal that recognizes the work of companies in hosting IMV beneficiaries

MADRID, July 26 (EUROPA PRESS) - The Council of Ministers at...

FEDEPE recognizes managers, businesswomen and professionals who champion equality, talent and female leadership

MADRID, July 21 (EUROPA PRESS) - The Spanish Federation of Female...

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