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The EU is providing 4 million to help Uganda take in refugees from the Democratic Republic of the Congo

BRUSSELS, August 12 (EUROPE PRESS) - The European Union announced this...

Brussels is providing €25.5 million in aid for two migrant reception projects in Ceuta and the Canary Islands

BRUSSELS, 3 (EUROPE PRESS) The European Commission, in the call for grants for asylum and migration, has selected two Spanish projects with a total...

Seat returns to losses after providing 244 million for the 1,330 victims by 2026

Seat closed the first half of the year with an operating loss of 97 million euros and was the only brand in the...

The US is providing €164 million in humanitarian aid to the victims of the Russian invasion of Ukraine

White House announces delivery of additional military aid MADRID, July 20 (EUROPA...

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