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The judge declares the liquidation of Abengoa’s parent company final, dismissing the President’s appeal

The endless ordeal of Abengoa SA, the parent company of the Sevillian engineering company founded in 1941, has finally come to an end....

‘Génova’ denounces Sánchez’s “contempt” for the presidents of the PP for quoting Moreno, Mañueco and Rueda “all at once”.

He criticizes that he accumulates them almost in early August while half the country is on vacation: "It's like going to the doctor" ...

The presidents of South Africa and Ivory Coast welcome the resumption of grain exports from Ukraine

MADRID, July 23 (EUROPA PRESS) - South African President Cyril Ramaphosa...

‘Genoa’ defends a conference of presidents over fires because the situation calls for ‘extraordinary policies’

Gamarra says fires "know nothing about holidays" and warns emergencies "take time and quick responses". ...

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