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Cathy Hummels: Fire on the plane! She suffered an emergency landing

Today's celebrity news in the GALA ticker: Cathy Hummels had to make an unexpected forced...

The 12 crew members released from the plane detained in Argentina since June arrive in Venezuela

MADRID, 17 September (EUROPA PRESS) - The 12 of the 19...

Is it really safer on the plane than on the train?

BERLIN - Passengers on long-distance trains must continue to protect themselves with masks against infection with the corona virus, passengers on the plane...

The government is preparing for the arrival of a plane carrying Afghan refugees in Madrid, a year after the evacuation from Kabul

These are people who were unable to leave the country in Operation 2021 and left for Pakistan ...

“Coco” is not a suitcase: how to travel on a plane with dogs and cats

Federico Brazzi knew that adopting a dog would entail a number of additional costs. He never thought that buying a car was...

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