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Patxi López, on the renewal of the CGPJ: the PP believes it has “divine right” and sees the others as “squatters”

MADRID, 15 September (EUROPA PRESS) - The parliamentary spokesman for the...

Patxi López justifies the pacts with Bildu in front of an installed PP in “No to everything” and “without state consciousness”

He says the internal noise in the coalition government is a "bad habit" and asks to work "discretely" to enforce the agreements ...

Patxi López is surprised that Griñán and Chaves are sentenced while Aguirre is freed by Púnica

urges the PP to "keep silent" as it is the only party "convicted of corruption". ...

Patxi López, the old blood of the PSOE to revive Sánchez

Less than a year ago, Pedro Sánchez surprised by placing Héctor Gómez at the head of the Socialist Group, a Canarian MP who...

Sánchez rewards Santos Cerdán and credits Patxi López and Pilar Alegría to attempt a comeback against the PP

Miquel Iceta and the Mayor of Corvera (Asturias) Iván Fernández join the Federal Executive ...

Patxi López becomes the PSOE’s spokeswoman in Congress and Pilar Alegría that of the party

Patxi López, exlehendakari and current secretary for political action and citizenship of the PSOE, will become the group's spokesperson in Congress. "Out...

Sánchez completes the change at the helm of the PSOE, with Patxi López and Pilar Alegría in key positions

It will not be another adjustment or mini-crisis. It will be a global change in the leadership of the PSOE. The...

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