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The LPFF and the RFEF are closing positions and will continue to negotiate the economic terms of the referees this Tuesday

MADRID, 12 September (EUROPA PRESS) - The Professional Women's Football League...

Russia allows Viktor Bout and Brittney Griner to negotiate an exchange with the United States for the first time

MADRID, August 13 (EUROPA PRESS) - Russian diplomat Alexander Darchiev, director...

In the fall, the finance ministry will negotiate with Brussels on a tax reform that is “compatible” with the current situation

Finance Minister María Jesús Montero assured this Thursday that the government will negotiate with Brussels in the autumn on the tax reform that...

The government avoids drawing red lines to negotiate the secrecy law, including the 50-year term

Robles accepts that negotiations with other parties can change the number of years of classification or "the nature of the problems". MADRID, August 4...

The PP understands Ayuso’s “anger” and offers Sánchez to negotiate the energy saving plan

"We are reaching out to the government to talk about this situation that worries us and that may get complicated from the fall,"...

United We Can is suspicious of the new official secrets law and wants to negotiate changes with the PSOE

MADRID, August 1 (EUROPA PRESS) - United We Can has expressed...

Mercosur summit: Uruguay’s determination to negotiate alone with China breaks the bloc

The food and energy crisis triggered by the war in Ukraine has drawn global attention to South America, one of the world's top...

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