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“The moon will become an economic zone”

BERLIN - A lot has gone wrong for European space travel this year. But ESA Director General Josef Aschbacher is optimistic. ...

New Moon Visit Outfits

CAPE CANAVERAL - The "Artemis" lunar mission has so far been mostly plagued by crises. Now NASA hopes to be able to...

Back to the moon

CAPA CANAVERAL - Soon NASA's giant new SLS rocket will lift off for the first time, with the still unmanned Orion spacecraft on...

Freedom in Cuba, on the moon without food, and the “solidarity” blackouts in Havana

Authorities admit there have been cacerolazos in various cities in Cuba when the power goes out. So far these have been small...

Anniversary of ‘Apollo 11’: What has changed in space exploration since arriving on the moon?

One of the questions that comes up most often on denial forums is: Why hasn't this feat been repeated more than half a...

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