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Eusebio Cáceres and the 1,500 will fight for the medals in Munich

MADRID, August 15 (EUROPA PRESS) - The Spanish athletics team had...

Spain is trying to meet the forecast of 28 medals at the European Championships in Munich

MADRID, August 10 (EUROPA PRESS) - The European Championships in Munich,...

Peruvian walker Kimberly García wins again to become the first athlete to win two gold medals at the Oregon World Cup

The drone with the cameras recording the test buzzes like a fly in the sky while Peruvian Kimberly García (Huancayo, 28) in Oregon...

Spain vs. Ingebrigtsen: Three athletes from the 1,500 fight for medals at the World Championships in Athletics

The Spaniards reach the 1,500m final, the only country with three athletes, and suddenly a question floats in the air: is the middle...

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