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Miriam Neureuther: A rare photo with baby Lotta and her daughter Matilda enchants fans

Miriam Neureuther Fans celebrate rare photo with baby Lotta and daughter Matilda ...

Facts You Didn’t Know About ‘Matilda’ After 25th Anniversary Of Its Premiere

Since he was known 'Mathilda' would be back through a remake for Netflix, the most loyal fans of this children's...

Meet Alisha Weir the Protagonist of ‘Matilda’ Remake

Since he was known the musical 'Matilda' would be back with a more updated version and with innovations in its...

These are the changes that will be shown in the remake of ‘Matilda’ on Netflix

Since he was known 'Matilda' would come to Netflix, more than one fan couldn't resist the urge to know what...

See what the bad-tempered teacher “Tronchatoro” from “Matilda” looks like

It's been 25 years since it first came out 'Mathilda', a production that has undoubtedly marked a before and after...

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