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Lufthansa cancels almost all flights on Wednesday

FRANKFURT — Lufthansa is canceling nearly the entire schedule at its German hubs Frankfurt and Munich due to Verdi's warning strike on Wednesday....

Lufthansa pilots bring scope clause into play

FRANKFURT - Negotiations between Lufthansa and the Cockpit Association for a new collective agreement for pilots of the main brands are stalling. ...

Pilot strike at Lufthansa still possible this summer

FRANKFURT - At Lufthansa, a pilot strike is still possible in the summer. The board of the "Vereinigung Cockpit" union has decided...

Danger of strikes at Lufthansa: the pilots launch a ballot

FRANKFURT – In the height of the travel season, the risk of strikes increases at Lufthansa. The Vereinigung Cockpit (VC) union wants...

Lufthansa A380s need to go to the dentist

TERUEL - Northeastern Spain is the scene of severe summer thunderstorms. Hailstones the size of golf balls not only left their mark...

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