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Lufthansa and Verdi adjourn

FRANKFURT - Collective bargaining for Lufthansa ground staff initially remained unsuccessful.The Verdi union and the company continued talks at a Frankfurt airport hotel...

Lufthansa requests decision on ITA

FRANKFURT - Section suspended instead of crossing the finish line: Lufthansa would have liked to be on board with ITA for a long...

Detailed figures and possible tariff agreement at Lufthansa

FRANKFURT - More than 1,000 flights have recently been canceled as ground staff stopped working. Collective bargaining at Lufthansa and Verdi will...

Verdi threatens Lufthansa with new strikes

FRANKFURT - After the nationwide warning strike by Lufthansa ground staff, the collective bargaining partners want to bargain with each other again. ...

Lufthansa is testing

FRANKFURT - The Lufthansa Group is testing a new ticket price on the Scandinavian market, which aims to benefit the environment. In...

Verdi is waiting for a new Lufthansa offer

FRANKFURT — After the nationwide warning strike at Lufthansa, the Verdi union expects the company to make a “conclusive offer” for the roughly...

Lufthansa pilots prepare to strike

FRANKFURT – At Lufthansa, a pilots' strike is approaching. In a ballot, the members of Vereinigung Cockpit (VC) voted in favor of...

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