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The CSD thanks LPFF, RFEF and referees for unlocking the start of the women’s football league

MADRID, 15 September (EUROPA PRESS) - The Higher Sports Council (CSD)...

The LPFF and the RFEF are closing positions and will continue to negotiate the economic terms of the referees this Tuesday

MADRID, 12 September (EUROPA PRESS) - The Professional Women's Football League...

The CSD suspends the draws of the Women’s First Division by the LPFF and RFEF

MADRID, July 26 (EUROPA PRESS) - The Higher Sports Council (CSD) has suspended the draws for the women's first football league calendar, which was...

The LPFF is asking the CSD to host the draw for the 2022-23 First Women’s Football Division season

Dear subscriber, this message replaces the previous one on the same topic. Sorry for the inconvenience. The employers' association has proposed to the...

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