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“The Blessed Word”: 20 years of literature on open television

You are a kind of rock star of the cultural world. They have, after appearing on the screens of Mexican homes for...

Joan de Sola: “It is difficult to unseat Rodoreda, which has been translated into 43 languages

He will take up the position of Director of Literature and Thought at the Institut Ramon Llull (IRL) just over a month ago,...

Videos | In the library of Manuel Vilas: “I’m in literature because living drives me crazy”

Manuel Vilas (Barbastro, 1962) library is a shipwreck. It spreads disorderly throughout the house. In the hall, in the living room,...

ukrainian newspaper

Anyone Unwilling To Be "Redeemed" By Russia Sorts Aid Supplies And Expects Text Messages From Beyond - Ukrainian Daily. Source link...

Anne Frank book: “No serious evidence at all”

The Dutch publisher withdraws from bookstores the controversial book about the betrayal of Anne Frank after renewed harsh criticism from experts. Source...

Lea Ypi: “Free – grow up at the end of the story”

You wake up. You don't know who you are or how you got here. The story begins. A story where...

Site Clinic: Yael Inokai, Annika Domainko, and Henriette Valet.

Love in a state of exception: three novels turn the clinic into a place of literary freedom. Source link

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