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Netflix introduces an external subscription link button on iOS devices

MADRID, July 25 (Portaltic/EP) - Netflix introduced a button in the iOS application that...

Windows 10 and 11: how to share files via the OneDrive link

INSTRUCTIONS Jul 20, 2022 at 4:13 p.m. With Windows...

1Password now allows secure document sharing via a restricted-access link

MADRID, June 29 (Portaltic/EP) - That Password manager for businesses and individuals 1Password has introduced a new...

The supposed link of the “Guévarist Movement” with the indigenous strike is reserved information, underlined Fausto Cobo

The director of the Center for Strategic Intelligence, Fausto Cobo, during his appearance before the Commission for Constitutional Guarantees of the National Assembly,...

Link between makeup and sexual attraction

Not all women like to wear makeup and, really, it is not obligatory, even less in this time of equality and freedom.However, the...

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