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Windows 10 and Windows 11: How to change drive letter

INSTRUCTIONS August 02, 2022 at 11:00 a.m. In Windows...

Calviño writes a letter asking political groups and social actors for proposals for an addendum to the reconstruction plan

MADRID, July 29 (EUROPA PRESS) - First Vice-President and Minister for...

In a letter to Feijóo, JJpD claims to authorize the renewal of the CGPJ without making any further “excuses”.

He cites his "institutional responsibility" and recalls asking Pablo Casado to do the same a year ago ...

“Couple on tour”: After a stroke – Ina writes a love letter to Vanessa and her daughter

"As a couple on tour" After a stroke, Ina writes a love letter to Vanessa ...

90th Birthday Letter from a Journalist: Could it be true that times past were better?

I've just turned 90, 45 of which are devoted to working on this newspaper. Some ask me if I don't regret it....

She wrote a letter to the queen

Helen Mirren She wrote a letter to the queen ...

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