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Prince Harry learned of Queen’s death online

Prince Harry Surely not Charles? He would have learned of the death of the queen on the...

Prince Harry: This is why he only learned of the Queen’s death five minutes before the public

Prince Harry He only learned of the Queen's death five minutes before the public ...

A selectivity that gives meaning to what is learned: complex in design and just as demanding for the students

Andreas Schleicher, head of the PISA tests and Director of Education at the OECD, described the Spanish 2021 scenario very well in an...

The three life lessons Paolo Gasparini learned from photography

La Jetee (1962) is a seminal work in Chris Marker's filmography. A 28-minute short film defined as a photonovela by the author...

Sexism in football: “We learned not to listen”

Status: 07/21/2022 06:00 Millions of people are currently following the matches of the European Football Championship, the attention paid to German players is great....

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