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opinion | Brodsky and suppressed

Ara sat down to speak to the country's repression officer. Però res de les repressions experienced by those who speak a vui...

Joan de Sola: “It is difficult to unseat Rodoreda, which has been translated into 43 languages

He will take up the position of Director of Literature and Thought at the Institut Ramon Llull (IRL) just over a month ago,...

“I listened to myself and there are sentences that are very sneaky.” This is how artificial voices enter the world of language

The actress and presenter Begonya Ferrer He had some friends listen to some audio messages he received from a voiceover company. It...

opinion | minimize diversity

We know that everyone dares when it comes to linguistic diversity, but the shamelessness that some accuse everything that integrates difference will not...

Kyiv or Kyiv: four letters for freedom

The world is looking at Ukraine. TV stations, radio channels, newspapers from all over the world report on kyiv and the other...

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